[ts_our_service css_awesome=”fa-envelope” ts_service_title=”TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR INBOX” choose_readmore=”0″]Experience the charm of Webmail that provides a combination of clean, ad-free, minimalist interface and power features geared for business and professional use.[/ts_our_service]


Stretsh Private Email lets you send and receive email in total security. Messages, and their attachments, are encrypted using industry standard Open PGP standard algorithms and thus, cannot be intercepted by ISP or any other parties. These algorithms, combined with unique key management system, offer users unrivaled levels of security. Stretsh security is end-to-end; messages are encrypted before leaving the sender’s computer and remain encrypted until after they arrive on the recipient’s machine, where the contents are automatically decrypted. IP address is removed from all outgoing emails. Now you can secure your email with your own domain name! Imagine the combination of a anonymous domain name and secure email. You can now be truly anonymous and protected in every way!

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  • Best of Both Worlds

Experience a clean, fast Webmail with powerful features matching or superior to those found in desktop email clients. Take control of your Inbox and attain freedom from tedious software upgrades.

  • No Ads, Privacy Guaranteed

At Stretsh, we strive to be a stand out company in terms of respecting user data and privacy. We do not display ads, even in our free plans. Your email exchanges are never scanned for keywords.

  • Smooth Setup & Management

Set up email for your business fast with a step-by-step setup wizard. Easily manage email policies, groups, mailbox quota and more using an extensive Control Panel.

  • Reliable

You are protected with multiple layers of secure infrastructure with 98.9% uptime guarantee.


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